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Amber Brown

    Amber Brown TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Episodes, Storyline, Review, Poster, Trailer

    Amber Brown TV Series (2022):

    Amber Brown is a family comedy television series based on the children’s book series of the same name by Paula Danziger.

    The series is created by Bonnie Hunt and stars Carsyn Rose, Sarah Drew, Darin Brooks, and Liliana Inouye.

    Amber Brown TV Series Information:

    TV SeriesAmber Brown
    CountryUnited States
    No. of Episodes10
    Release dateJuly 29, 2022
    StarringCarsyn Rose
    Sarah Drew
    Darin Brooks
    Liliana Inouye
    Created byBonnie Hunt
    Based onAmber Brown
    by Paula Danziger
    Executive producersBob Higgins
    Bonnie Hunt
    Jon Rutherford
    Cinematography byMatthew Williams
    Editing byRick Weis
    Music byNicholas Pike
    Production companyBoat Rocker Media
    DistributorApple Inc.
    Original networkApple TV+

    Amber Brown TV Series Trailer:

    Amber Brown TV Series Storyline (Plot):

    The series follows a young girl finding her voice through music and art in the wake of her parent’s divorce and her best friend moving away.

    Amber Brown TV Series Cast and Character:

    • Carsyn Rose as Amber Brown
    • Sarah Drew as Sarah Brown
    • Darin Brooks as Max
    • Liliana Inouye as Brandi Colwin
    • Michael Yo as Philip
    • Ashley Williams as Aunt Pam

    Amber Brown Season 1 Episode Guide:

    Amber Brown Episode 1: I, Amber Brow

    Starting middle school without her best friend, Justin, makes Amber all the more grateful for new friend and neighbor Brandi.

    Amber Brown Episode 2: What They Don’t Know

    Amber and Brandi find a diamond ring, which leads Amber to believe her mom is about to do something Amber’s not quite ready for.

    Amber Brown Episode 3: No Place Like Two Homes

    Amber sets aside her fears and auditions for the school play, while her dad moves into a new apartment.

    Amber Brown Episode 4: On a Role

    It’s the night of the play and Amber’s nervous. She hopes her dad, who’s stuck in traffic, makes it in time to see her debut.

    Amber Brown Episode 5: Sound Advice

    Amber wants to get her ears pierced-just like Brandi-so she enlists the help of Aunt Pam to try persuading her mom.

    Amber Brown Episode 6: Schooled Dance

    As the girls get ready for their first school dance, Amber feels bad about disobeying her mom and wants to come clean.

    Amber Brown Episode 7: Comes in Waves

    When Amber’s new math tutor turns out to be an old crush of her dad’s, she and Brandi form a plan so that she’ll never need a tutor again.

    Amber Brown Episode 8: Hollywood Beginning

    Amber’s house is overrun by a film crew, which has the surprising effect of bringing the family together, much to Amber’s delight.

    Amber Brown Episode 9: Love Is Here to Stay

    While volunteering at a nursing home, Amber befriends a resident and bends the facility’s rules in the spirit of love and friendship.

    Amber Brown Episode 10: Life

    Season finale. The family rallies together to sneak Cecile back into the nursing home, but the fun is interrupted by unexpected news.

    Where to Watch Amber Brown Season 1 TV Series Online (Amber Brown Season 1 TV Series OTT Release):

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