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Golden Spoon

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    Golden Spoon TV Series Storyline (Plot):

    Golden Spoon (Korean: 금수저; RR: Geumsujeo) is a South Korean television series directed by Song Hyun-wook. Starring Yook Sung-jae, Jung Chae-yeon, Yeonwoo and Lee Jong-won. Based on hit Naver webtoon by HD3 which was published in 2016, the series depicts a life adventure of a child who became an acquired gold spoon.

    Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae), a child born in a poor family, who changes fate with a friend who was born in a wealthy family through a golden spoon and becomes an acquired gold spoon.

    Quick Information:

    TV SeriesGolden Spoon
    Revised RomanizationGeumsujeo
    CountrySouth Korea
    Original release2022
    Created byStudio N
    Directed bySong Hyun-wook
    Written byKim Eun-hee
    Yoon Eun-kyung
    Based onThe Golden Spoon
    by HD3
    StarringYook Sung-jae
    Jung Chae-yeon
    Lee Jong-won
    Production companiesSamhwa Networks
    Studio N
    Original networkMBC

    Golden Spoon TV Series Trailer:

    Golden Spoon TV Series Cast and Character:

    • Yook Sung-jae as Lee Seung-cheon: A student who dreams of turning his life around with a golden spoon.
    • Jung Chae-yeon as Na Joo-hee: The daughter of a conglomerate family, who has a sense of justice and candid charm.
    • Yeonwoo as Oh Yeo-jin: She has a pretty appearance and a bold personality, who grew up in a wealthy family.
    • Lee Jong-won as Hwang Tae-yong: Who goes back and forth between the life of a gold spoon and an earth spoon regardless of his will.
    • Choi Dae-chul as Lee Cheol: Lee Seung-cheon’s father.
    • Han Chae-ah as Jin Seon-hye: Lee Seung-cheon’s mother.
    • Choi Won-young as Hwang Hyeon-do: Hwang Tae-yong’s father.
    • Son Yeo-eun as Seo Young-shin: Hwang Tae-yong’s stepmother.
    • Jang Ryul as Seo Jun-tae: Seo Young-shin’s younger brother and the leader of Amicus, a secret social club of gold spoons.
    • Kim Kang-min as Park Jang-goon: He is the son of army chief of staff with 200 billion won, and he has a bad taste to bully Lee Seung-cheon.
    • Son Woo-hyun as Jang Moon-gi: Hwang Tae-yong’s bodyguard and driver.
    • Jo Deok-hoe as Park Jae-don: A lively and active person.

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