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It’s Beautiful Now

    It's Beautiful Now TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
    It’s Beautiful Now TV Series Poster

    It’s Beautiful Now TV Series (2022):

    It’s Beautiful Now (Korean: 현재는 아름다워; Hanja: 現在很美麗; RR: Hyeonjaeneun Areumdawo) is a South Korean television series directed by Kim Seong-geun and starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-suk, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Bum-june, and Choi Ye-bin.

    The series depicts the story of the Lee family whose head is Lee Kyung-cheol, the grandfather. His son Lee Min-ho and his wife Han Kyung-ae have 3 sons. The sons are reluctant to marry, so the elders declare that they would give an apartment to the son who marry within 6 months.

    Quick Information:

    TV SeriesIt’s Beautiful Now
    Also known as
    Now Is Beautiful
    It’s Beautiful Right Now
    Hangul현재는 아름다워
    Revised RomanizationHyeonjaeneun Areumdawo
    CountrySouth Korea
    No. of episodes16
    Running time80 minutes
    Original releaseApril 2, 2022 – present
    Directed byKim Seong-geun
    Written byHa Myeong-hee
    Produced byJeong Seung-sun
    Oh Chang mok
    Yoon Shi-yoon
    Bae Da-bin
    Oh Min-suk
    Shin Dong-mi
    Seo Bum-june
    Choi Ye-bin
    Production companiesSLL
    Drama House Studios
    Zium Content
    Original networkKBS2

    It’s Beautiful Now TV Series Trailer:

    It’s Beautiful Now TV Series Cast and Character:

    • Yoon Shi-yoon as Lee Hyun-jae
    • Bae Da-bin as Hyun Mi-rae
    • Oh Min-suk as Lee Yun-jae
    • Shin Dong-mi as Shin Hae-jun
    • Seo Bum-june as Lee Soo-jae
    • Choi Ye-bin as Na Yu-na
    • Park In-hwan as Lee Kyeong-cheol
    • Ji Seung-hyun as young Lee Kyeong-cheo
    • Park Sang-won as Lee Min-ho
    • Kim Hye-ok as Han Kyeong-ae
    • Sunwoo Yong-nyeo as Lee Kyung-soon
    • Jung Heung-chae as Choi Man-ri
    • Kim Ye-ryeong as Yoo Hye-yeong
    • Cha Yeop as Choi Seong-soo
    • Hyun Jyu-ni as Lee So-ra
    • Kim Hyo-kyung as Choi Ha-neul
    • Im Ye-jin as Choi Ba-da
    • Kim So-min as Choi Hae
    • Ban Hyo-jung as Yoon Jung-Ja
    • Byun Woo-min as Hyun Jin-heon
    • Park Ji-young as Jin Su-jeong
    • Kim Kang-min as Hyun Jeong-hoo
    • Hong Yo-seob as Na Seok-man, Yuna’s father
    • Song Ok-sook as Sok Sook-suk, Yuna’s mother
    • Lee Joo-Shil as Jung Mi-young

    It’s Beautiful Now Season 1 All Episodes:

    SeasonEpisodesRelease-End Date
    116April 2, 2022 – present

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    It’s Beautiful Now TV Series FAQ:

    How many episodes are in It’s Beautiful Now TV series?

    There are 16 episodes in It’s Beautiful Now TV series.

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