Mere Humsafar (Season 1)

Mere Humsafar TV Series (2021) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

Mere Humsafar TV Series (2021):

Mere Humsafar is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, written by Saira Raza, and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Naseeb under the banner Six Sigma Plus.

It stars Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed in lead roles along with Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Zoya Nasir, and Tara Mahmood in supporting roles. Mere Humsafar serial first aired on 30 December 2021 on ARY Digital as a part of night programming.

Mere Humsafar TV Series Information:

TV Series NameMere Humsafar
Also known asMy Soulmate
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu
No. of Episodes33still rinning
Release Date30 December 2021 – present
Running Time40min
StarringHania Amir
Farhan Saeed
Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed
Written bySaira Raza
Produced byHumayun Saeed
Shehzad Naseeb
Cinematography by Qasim Ali Mureed
Edited by Zafar Ali Sodhar
Abdul Wahab Khan
Music bySource: Wajid Saeed Studio
Opening theme: Yashal Shahid
Zaheer Abbas
Amanat Ali
Songs: Naveed Nashad
Production CompanySix Sigma Plus
Distributor ARY Digital
Original network ARY Digital

Mere Humsafar TV Series Trailer:

Mere Humsafar TV Series Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

Hala is left by her father in Pakistan because his new wife does not want to raise his daughter from his previous marriage. Adored by her father and then abandoned, Hala is mistreated by her father’s brothers and their wives. She grows up to be a subdued teenager who is always harassed. Her uncle feeds her father false stories about her and never let her talk to her father. She was in love with her best friend’s cousin Khurram but because of Hala’s Aunt their relationship breaks.

Hala’s uncle plan to get Hala married to his employee Naveed who is a stupid man. Later their marriage breaks because of Hamza, Hala’s cousin. After that Hala was ousted from the house by Shah Jahan (Hala’s aunt) for a mistake done by Roomi. But later Hamza found Hala but Raees does not allow Hala to stay in their house and break the relationship with her. So that in order to give Hala a relationship, Hamza marries Hala.

Mere Humsafar TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Hania Amir as Hala Nafees Ahmad/Hala Hamza Ahmad
  • Farhan Saeed as Hamza Raees Ahmad
  • Saba Hameed as Shahjahan Raees Ahmad, Raees’s Wife, Hamza & Roomi’s Mother, Sameen’s aunt, Riffat’s elder Daughter-in-law, Sofia’s sister & sister-in-law
  • Waseem Abbas as Raees Ahmad; Riffat’s elder son Hamza & Roomi’s Father, Sameen’s Uncle, Nafees & Jalees’s Brother
  • Samina Ahmed as Riffat/Dadi; The head of Kashana-e-Riffat. Raees, Nafees & Jalees’s Mother, Shajahan & Sofia’s Mother-in-law & aunt, Hala, Hamza, Roomi & Sameen’s Grandmother
  • Tara Mahmood as Sofia Jalees Ahmad, Sameen Mother, Jalees’s Wife, Hamza & Roomi’s aunt, Riffat’s second Daughter-in-law, Shajahan’s sister & sister-in-law
  • Amir Qureshi as Jalees Ahmad Riffat’s youngest son, Raees & Nafees’s Brother
  • Alyy Khan Nafees Ahmed, Riffat’s second son, Hala’s Father, Raees & Jalees’s Brother
  • Zoya Nasir as Sameen Jalees Ahmad. Sofia and Jalees Daughter, Raees’s Wife, Hala, Hamza & Roomi’s Cousin
  • Angeline Malik as Hala’s stepmother, Nafees’s Second Wife
  • Hira Khan as Roomi Raees Ahmad, Hala, Hamza & Sameen’s Cousin, Shajahan & Raees’s daughter
  • Omer Shahzad as Khurram, Hala’s ex-lo

Where to Watch Mere Humsafar Season 1 Online (Mere Humsafar TV Series OTT Release):

Mere Humsafar TV Series FAQ:

Where can I watch Mere Humsafar all episodes?

Mere Humsafar Pakistani drama is streaming on ARY Digital and YouTube. Also available on

Is there a season 2 of Mere Humsafar?

There is no Mere Humsafar season 2.

How many seasons does Mere Humsafar have?

Mere Humsafar tv series has season 1.

What is the story of Mere Humsafar?

The popular Pakistani TV series Mere Hamsafar is the life story of Hala, born to a Pakistani father and foreign mother who leaves them after her birth. Hala’s father brings her to Pakistan to be brought up by his elder brother’s family and grandmother.

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